We are your home away from home. | We work for you from a remote location just as your in-house team.

Team Suria offers you the most adept and skillful web developers and mobile app designers to enhance your products and services. We work at your pleasure – according to your needs and most importantly, adhering to your time schedules.
Hire us for your peace of mind.

About Us

What is TeamSuria?

A tech services provider where on-time-completion and exceeding customer expectation is the core philosophy, Team Suria is a group of highly skilled and multi-faceted web developers and programmers who have been in the top echelons of their field for more than a decade. Armed with the experience of working across the globe, we are confident in our ability to provide you with the best service at your terms and time-schedule.

What do we strive for?

We work for you not just as a service provider but as a partner in your business. We deliver as if we have a personal stake in the success of your venture. This manifests itself in our single-minded focus to provide the best solutions and ingenious ways to work around complex problems while keeping you completely in the loop at all times. An enhancement in our way of work translates into more profits for you. So, we strive to better ourselves continually as shown in our ever rising quality standards.

What drives us?

Progress with integrity is our belief. We aim to be two steps ahead of the competition by adopting new techniques and out-of-the-box ways to tackle business issues rather than adapting to what is trending in the market at any particular time. At the same time, a healthy partnership with our clients, colleagues and employees with emphasis on laying strong foundations for a thriving and mutually benefitting relationship for all concerned is our driving force.


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