The buzzword in the IT and ITES sectors these days is GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation.

This set of new, extensive, enhanced and detailed rules that govern the parameters of personal data collection, storage and use by any entity conducting business in the EU or with any EU member states is causing concern – some valid, some not so much, in industry circles.

Any new set of rules that consist more than a 100 pages worth of legal speak can spook the average IT professional and businessman. More so, if it deals with controlling effectively who collects a web user`s personal details, for what purpose, how does he store it and most importantly, how does he use this data.

The recent data privacy scandal involving a prominent social media platform and a public relations company is fresh in people`s memories. Unscrupulous individuals with ulterior motives can influence you by acquiring private details about your daily life – your everyday schedule, your general geographical location, your tastes in everything ranging from food to clothing, from leisure to career aspirations, from religious to political views…. The list is endless.

In today`s digital age, where every other digital device stores your fingerprint to your photos and videos with a time and location tag, it is essential that you have complete or at least as much control over your personal data as you can.

GDPR is the most effective step taken by the EU governing bodies in this direction.

As a business with any extent of online presence – be it just a rudimentary run of the mill website or as a venture which relies heavily on the digital infrastructure for its day to day functioning, GDPR affects each one of us.

GDPR essentially makes sure that you take prior consent from any user landing up at your website to collect information, and also inform him specifically what data that you collect will be used for which exact purpose. Failing to comply with GDPR carries heavy fines and penalties. It is a strong deterrent for everyone ranging from marketing companies sending unsolicited emails to ‘subscribers’ to portals collecting and selling off private user data for a price in the information driven market.

What is the best course of action for you in this time of uncertainty and panic?

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