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Cake PHP is the go-to-solution for most of the PHP programming needs.  It is but natural to expect your tech support team to excel in this field.  A key aspect to keep in mind while working with the Cake PHP model is the exact flow of data within its well-defined structures.  Team Suria is conversant with the technicalities and work flow management that needs to be taken care of while handling the Cake PHP framework.  We can adapt any of your existing applications in the cake PHP framework and give it an upgrade in terms of functionality and aesthetics.  We are well-versed with the MVC (Model-View-Controller) and offer you complete control over the designing process by keeping you in the loop at all times.  A dedicated programmer with unmatched expertise and with a clear mindset to be transparent with you on all matters concerning the project creates a positive environment which enhances the results that we can achieve together.

When it comes to development of applications with convenience and comfort CakePHP is picture-perfect solution. Working with CakePHP requires extensive understanding of the development and the flow of data within its structure. Our adroit CakePHP developers are capable to activate any application in cake framework. Team implements finest practices to transform and upgrade your business.

System of CakePHP involves object oriented customization and implements Model-View-Controller, commonly known as MVC.   Our developers follow crystal clear working methods because we believe in transparency. While working with us on any of the project client have control over the dedicated CakePHP developer and can communicate with them as and when required. We have worked on complex projects and with the help our knowledge, expertise and skills we have successfully completed and delivered projects before deadline.

Team Suria offers you the complete flexibility of choosing from a full time, part time or an hourly basis arrangement or even a mix-and-match of any of the three models, as per your demands.  We will work with you closely with the sole objective of delivering a product that exceeds your expectations in terms of quality and at the same time gives you the satisfaction of affordability.  Round the clock support for ongoing projects is something you will not have to worry about.  Our team members are here to help you out online with any and every query that you may have during any time of the 24 hr day, any day of the week.  Depending on the state of a particular project, we can mutually agree to scale up or scale down the workforce required at any point in time without affecting the quality or time-adherence of the project in hand.  This helps you save on unnecessary costs and overlapping services.  We also assure you that we will not in any case be adding any spurious hidden or extra charges for the services we provide you.  At Team Suria, we believe in working with our clients as if we are a partner in their business itself.  And there are no secrets between partners, ever.  You will not have to worry about any fine-print or conditions that may be applicable in the future.  Rest assured.  What we promise is what we deliver.


  • Maintenance of Website
  • Installation of Module
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Development of Extension
  • Customized Application Development
  • Configuration of Server and Deployment
  • Solutions related to CMS
  • Development of Customized Module
  • CakePHP upgradation services
  • Shopping cart based on Ajax
  • Designing and Integration of Development


With detailed understanding on working with various domains our CakePHP developers will get the core output of your idea to deliver a quality and satisfactory solution. We have constant meeting with our client to keep transparency and to review the feedback from client. This approach helps client to know how the development is going on and are we developing the solution as per client’s expectations.


  1. We provide dedicated CakePHP developer to work with you on your project
  2. Our developers are well known with various time zones and thus make themselves available for the meetings and conferences.
  3. Our communication system is streamlined
  4. Support is provided 24X7 via mail, chats or phone call.
  5. No hidden cost.

To deliver prominent solutions we follow strict policies and proven practices in CakePHP. Expert resources at our place make it a possible to deliver best of qualities and talents with advanced process in a controlled environment that leads us to perfection and quality.

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