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The community driven Codeigniter PHP framework is the one preferred by the industry when developing high-end applications with special emphasis on a rich end-user experience. Being community driven, there are shared resources available for programmers so that they can come up with better solutions faster, rather than developing everything from scratch. Being a shared resource, the quality of the preset functional routines is checked and upgraded by multiple users, which ensures optimum quality. Codeigniter also has the added advantage of being able to support the MVC which is fundamental to the operation of the cake PHP framework. Team Suria currently works on the latest Codeigniter version 3.0 and keeps itself up to date with any advances in versions and features. This translates to you being able to access the latest version of technology – a must if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

To create rich and high end application Codeigniter framework is recommendable to be the finest as compared to others. It is community driven PHP framework. The entire purpose of this framework is to develop projects more rapidly as it provides set of libraries of frequently used functionalities. Hassle free and cost effective development can be easily done by accessing those libraries. Codeigniter also support MVC architecture

We have knowledgeable and experienced Codeigniter developers who can encounter the needs of your requirements and provide you outstanding results. Our programmers are capable enough to handle Codeigniter version 3.0 and are geared up for the fresh challenges.

Team Suria offers you the complete flexibility of choosing from a full time, part time or an hourly basis arrangement or even a mix-and-match of any of the three models, as per your demands. We will work with you closely with the sole objective of delivering a product that exceeds your expectations in terms of quality and at the same time gives you the satisfaction of affordability. Round the clock support for ongoing projects is something you will not have to worry about. Our team members are here to help you out online with any and every query that you may have during any time of the 24 hr day, any day of the week. Depending on the state of a particular project, we can mutually agree to scale up or scale down the workforce required at any point in time without affecting the quality or time-adherence of the project in hand. This helps you save on unnecessary costs and overlapping services. We also assure you that we will not in any case be adding any spurious hidden or extra charges for the services we provide you. At Team Suria, we believe in working with our clients as if we are a partner in their business itself. And there are no secrets between partners, ever. You will not have to worry about any fine-print or conditions that may be applicable in the future. Rest assured. What we promise is what we deliver.


  • Website Development
  • Application Development
  • Migration of Application
  • Development of Custom Website
  • Portal Development
  • CMS Development
  • Design of Template
  • Custom Web Application Development


How are we better than the rest?

  1. Our team consists of experienced Codeigniter programming with a proven ability to handle complex web applications typical to this domain.
  2. Your data’s security is paramount to us. You don’t need to worry of dissemination or leakage of sensitive data in the public.
  3. Round the clock online assistance 365 days a year.
  4. Standard and hassle-free documentation and contracts.
  5. Whether an ecommerce website, social network apps and plugins or a blog on CMS, name it and we provide it.
  6. HTML, XML, Jquery, LAMP, CSS and many other programming languages and features are in our sights. Any application using these as a base can be handled proficiently and diligently by Team Suria.
  7. Codeigniter framework supports usage of pre-existing codes owing to its shared nature. This facilitates quicker turnaround times and robust programming which helps reduce costs.

We at Team Suria are well-equipped to handle your project irrespective of size and scale, complexity and layers or field of implementation and business verticals.

We assure you of complete client satisfaction and a better return on your investment than you expected.