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The ZEND PHP framework is deployed in applications where there are specific concens regarding security of data. This is because ZEND offers excellent security extentions and many innovative features like ZEND optimizer and Zend Guard. The PHP5 version used here enables the developers to give incredased quality and better performance. The MVC architecture embedded within this framework makes it an attractive choice for a majority of PHP programmers and web developers. Using this architecture the developer can work on data independently without affecting the user interface. This helps in upgrading backend systems without causing any hindrance to the end-user. The ease, reusablity, separate user authentication and security parameters alongwith performance enhancing features make it a favorite among PHP professionals.

Zend framework is considered to be popular and specialized PHP framework because of its high end security extensions and out-of-box features. With the help of Zend optimizer and Zend guard secured and optimize website development can be performed.  It is implemented in PHP5 and helps developers to develop PHP applications with quality and performance.  Because of MVC architecture present in Zend framework most of professionals PHP developers choose to work with this framework. With MVC management becomes easy as it separates data and user interface that helps developer to perform operations on data without tampering user interface.

Our research team works persistently to develop augment resolutions with the help of Zend framework.  Easiness, reusability and performance these commonly used features make developers easy to work this framework. It is secure way of developing PHP application and thus allows authentications of all users’ inputs.

The specific aspects of the ZEND framework are:

  1. MVC flexible Architecture
  2. Ease in developing interactive web applications
  3. Hassle-free maintenance and quick MVC implementation
  4. Supports layout of default PHP templates
  5. Supports Maildir, POP3, IMAP4, mbox and similar apps for easy email composition and drafting
  6. Filtered help feature to sort data related to validation and authentication
  7. A set of validation rules can be pre-defined and applied
  8. Compatible with multiple database platforms like IBM, Oracle, Microsoft SQL server, SQLite informix Dynamic server, PostgreSQL, Maria DM and others

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  • Compete with up-to-date Zend technology features

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